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New blog, new range

Hi I'm Patrick, artist behind The Paint Box gallery, and this is my first blog post!

I thought I'd use this space to share some of the techniques (and trials and tribulations) behind my work, a good place to start being a new range I'm currently working on. Its called WestIzBest, a 'smile' humour greeting card range, aimed at a Westcountry audience; locals or visitors.

This one is called 'The Moor the Merrier'. It was inspired by a sketch from the BBC comedy The Fast Show where the cast are hiking and singing a rousing song led by Paul Whitehouse, until they all get exhausted and fed up with him, and then duff him up.

I start with a rough draft sketch to build from:

Choosing the colour palette comes next, and the sample below shows the sort of test strips required for colour selection:

I sometimes do scores of these because I can have real problems when it comes to colour choices. After some more work on the drawing, the three full 'compositions' below demonstrate the various colour alternatives possible:

So as you can see, colour choices can be tricky! The two suns below also

show the varying treatments possible even in such a simple picture component:

After some more umming and ahhing comparing on the drawing board...

...I eventually get round to making the decisions to finish! The final version below:

Hopefully this has given a little insight into some of the undertakings behind my work. I plan around 10 cards for the WestIzBest range, and they'll be available in store at the Paint Box gallery in Tavistock (you can email if you're interested in further info on them) - and of course visit for my other picture ranges.

Thanks for reading!


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